Once you are connected to iRC-Reactor you are expected to follow our rules as iRC-Reactor Staff always try to keep a clean and safe environment for all the users.


Bots Policy:

No malicious bots will be tolerated on our network and will be forcefully removed if they are not removed when requested.


Any user found joining our network solely for the purpose of mass messaging users or channels, distributing child pornography or spamming links containing viruses or child porn in channels, private message or notice will be removed from our network without previous warning or notice.

Services Abuse:

Any user found abusing our network's services; e.g.. Nickserv, Chanserv, MemoServ will be removed from our network. Automated registering of nicks simply for the purpose of getting pseudo clients (bots) into our users +R channels will absolutely not be tolerated and you will be banned for such behavior.

Abusive behavior:

When connected to iRC-Reactor you are expected to respect iRC-Reactor Staff as well as all networks' users. Abusive behavior towards other users or iRC-Reactor staff will not be tolerated and can get you banned from our network.

We the Staff at iRC-Reactor IRC Network accept no responsibility to whatever may happen to you or your computer while connected to this network and we reserve the right to remove you from our network without a previous warning or notice and for any reason we see fit in order to protect other users and most of all, the whole network.


iRC-Reactor Staff.